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Sunday Service Check-In

All you need to know to check in on Sunday morning

Welcome to remote Sunday check-in! The purpose of this initiative is for the English team to know who is tuning into service every week. We'd like to be able to put names to our viewing numbers so that we can better connect with our church community and care for you. We want to know you're here! Plus, it's quick and easy to use!

Setting Up The "Church Center App"

1. Download the "Church Center" App on your mobile device

2. Set up your account / log in

- Verification via text code or email (text code is recommended -- it's much quicker)

- Most regular T3C attendees should already have an existing account/info if you have signed up for online programs before or given your info at some point in time

- Search for home church: Toronto Christian Community Church (100 Acadia Ave., Markham, ON)

Please note: You will not see service check-in until the designated service day/time.

3. Check in on Sunday mornings using the app

- Anytime between 10:20am - 12:00pm

- Look for the "check-in" button at the bottom of your screen

- Optional but available for households: one person can check in an entire household!

BONUS step: if you would like to update you information, you can do that directly on the app

- Tap profile icon at the top right corner

- Tap your name and proceed to update your info

For any questions or help, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of remote check-in?

With the ongoing pandemic, it's difficult to know who is attending Service when we cannot worship together in person. This initiative will help the English Leadership team put names to our viewing numbers, to better care for and connect with you. 

Why should I check in?

When you choose to check in on Sundays, you are telling us that you are here, as part of the TCCC family. You personally are seeking to be included as those under the care and ministry of the TCCC English congregation, and want to be known and be part of what God is doing with this spiritual community as we seek the Lord together.

Is it mandatory?

It is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. However, by checking in, the English Pastoral Leadership team (that includes our deacons) can be better stewards and shepherds knowing who to account for, as we seek to plan, equip and carry out the mission that God has given to us both for the present and into the future.

I've never heard of this app before. Why are we using this platform?

The Church Center App is linked to Planning Center Online (PCO), which is a platform the English team has been using for many years now as a digital database of all our congregants and newcomers. If you've ever signed up for events, CE Classes or even certain fellowship programs, it's all through this Planning Center platform! PCO is used by many churches across North America as a solution to organize frontend and backend information/content.

I don't see a Sunday Service event for me to check in.

Please check your app on Sunday mornings between 10:20am - 12pm. The check-in event will not be visible until that specified time.

Do I check in my children?

No, you do not need to check in your children (grade 8 and under), as this is for adult Sunday Service. However, we do hope to expand this initiative to our Children's Ministry in the future.

What if I forget to check in on Sundays?

Not to worry! As we plan on doing this regularly on Sunday mornings, there will be weekly reminders during service.

I logged out of my account. What do I do now?

We recommend closing your app, without logging out of your account every time. (Think of it like Facebook or WhatsApp -- you don't log out of your account on your device every time you leave the app.) However, if you need to log in again, please follow the instructions on the app to prompt a new verification log-in code.

For any further questions, please contact